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An image of many hands holding bitterroot with a graphic of a sound wave overlaid.


Photo of hands and bitterroot credit: Dr. Christopher Horsethief 

In the background is an image of many hands holding bitterroot with a graphic of a sound wave and mountains overlaid. The text reads “The ʔasqanaki Podcast with Smokii Sumac Special Guest: Tasha Spillett.”. In the foreground is a photo of Tasha Spillett a Cree/Trinadadian woman who is smiling at the camera with her mouth closed and her left hand raised to the side of her head. She has long black hair and is wearing a pink tank top.

In this episode Smokii is joined by Cree/Trinadian author, educator and poet, Tasha Spillett. Tasha shares her book I Sang You Down from the Stars. Smokii and Tasha also discuss Indigenous births, babies, bundle keeping and motherhood.

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Design: Krystal Strong
Photo credit: Tasha Spillett

Photo of hands and bitterroot credit: Dr. Christopher Horsethief 

Content: birth, babies, bundle-keeping, adoption, Indigenous futurism, the 60s Scoop, foster care, mother-child relationships, grief, loss, kinship, umbilical cords, parenting, agency, Afro-Indigenous identity,  Cultural Appropriation, homecoming, the Indigenous Voices Awards, therapy, ceremony, Indigenous aunties, cultural teachings, challenging tradition and the gender binary, two spirit teachings, liberation, love and power.

Episode Credits

Thank you to Dr. Tasha Spillett and to Sierra Noble at Winnipeg's No Fun Club.

Thank you to our team, Sound Designer, Audio Engineer and Editor Greyson Gritt of Minotan Music Inc. and Producer Krystal Strong of Osum Artist Management.

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Guest Bio

Tasha Spillett

Photo credit: Tasha Spillett

Tasha Spillett, PhD (she/her/hers) is a New York Times bestselling author who draws her strength from her Indigenous (Cree) and Trinidadian bloodlines. She is also a celebrated educator, scholar and public speaker. Tasha is most heart-tied to contributing to community-led work that centers the liberation of Indigenous women and women of color and creating a world that affirms the joy and well-being of children.

As an educator, Tasha infuses her teaching pedagogy with her extensive cultural knowledge to support Indigenous students, and strives to build equitable relationships between all communities. Tasha acknowledges her unique opportunity as an Afro-Indigenous woman and responsibility to create learning environments that are culturally responsive, and foster belonging for Indigenous students, students of colour, and their families.

Tasha is also the author of the multi-award winning three volume graphic novel series, Surviving the City (HighWater Press), the New York Times bestselling picture book, I Sang You Down from the Stars (Little Brown Books and Owl Kids), and her most recent picture book, Beautiful You, Beautiful Me (Owl Kids).

Tasha weaves her cultural identity in both her scholarly work and relational responsibility to contribute to a body of research that echoes Indigenous women’s demands for justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit people. Her work is both a continuation of the resistance against the assault of colonialism that she has inherited and a celebration of the beauty and brilliance that flows forward from those who have come before.

As her career continues to evolve, Tasha looks forward to continuing to connect with and work alongside communities of people who are actively engaged in creating a world that is worthy of our children.


A found poem from the transcripts of our episode on The ʔasqanaki Podcast

“Into Your Bundle They Go” a found poem from the transcripts of our episode on The ʔasqana
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